First day in Rongo

we arrive in rongo late in the evening, the table was set with beautiful table cloth and students greeted us as soon as we got off the bus. The campus is fresh and lush with flowering trees and flowers. It is much smaller than KU but has its own charm. Today, Peter introduced the concept of community media and community based learning to the rongo students so they knew what they were signing uproar. Jerry explained to us the topic that he wanted us to document and research in each media project. We re exploring the Luo tribal culture, specifically the dance and its meaning. We are going to explore how this dance is fitting int he broader culture of modernisation and globalisation. Through interview we explore the perception and understanding  of the dance by the children and the elders.  By interviewing different generation we will be able to grasp how traditions are evolving within the globalised world and the Luo culture feelings as regards these potential changes. Each of the media text (video,audio,photography) will be a form of exploration and research to attemp to historically document and understand the Luo culture.  Once again, I am on back on the audio team with Keji and Lana. 

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