Day Seven

Today we were picked up early and taken to the university to have breakfast, luckily the university isn’t as far away to travel to as KU. The grounds are beautiful with less than a five minute walk away from our room a beautiful view stretching far back to the hills.


(Above: View at Rongo University)

In the morning I walked to the clinic to see someone about the bites on my leg; the woman gave me three days’ worth of anti-histamines and was recommended not to drink with while taking them much to my disappointment.

We met the students and got into our groups me and Angelica again did photography again but Lana decided to give audio a go. Ali from SEMA media travelled with us from Kenyatta to help out and again was in our photography group. Two further students joined us so a smaller group then KU which I preferred. This time we were given the topic of the Lou Community and their traditions with a focus on their dancing. We brainstormed different types of shots we wanted to capture and why and presented our ideas to Jerry and the group. Afterwards we went for a walk around outside the grounds and practiced using the cameras. Everyone was very friendly and instead of the usual don’t take photos of me they were asking us to take a photo of them!

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