Kagan Dancers

IMG_5730 2IMG_0332

Today has been one of my favourite days of the trip so far. We travelled to Homa Bay near lake Victoria to a small village called Kagan, where the some of the Kagan people performed to us three traditional dances to symbolise the customs and traditions within the Luo community. As we arrived to the village on the bus the dancers came down the hill dancing, singing and playing instruments to welcome us to their village. We followed them up to a big grassy area where they had chairs for us to sit and watch. The whole experience was so amazing! It was like something you would see out of National Geographic magazine with all the beautifully coloured costumes, feather headdresses, and excessive beaded jewellery.  Each dance represented a different traditional belief within Luo culture (marriage, death, and chasing away evil spirits). The whole time we were there the atmosphere was so vibrant and fun! I managed to get a lot of nice shots so I’m happy! 🙂 I’m also so glad we had the opportunity to see this; I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it before.



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