Researching tribal cultures

today we went to visit a Luo community to collect media information about this community in order to produce represententional knowledge about this community. This encounter was meaningful and powerful,. I I was in a national geographic scenario. The colours, the sounds, the music and staring face create a powerful ambiance. The woman were screaming and the men were hunting and singing.  Each dance were scenario, and rituals performed after an elder died, or a marriage and so forth. The energy was contagious and I felt stimulated by their energy. The local community seemed to be happy that we had come to see their performance. To me this interaction was meaningful and I felt I had t he responsibility to document this cultural dance, without stereotyping their culture. I was trying to records sounds which were atmospheric and which represent the meaning of the dance to this community. I hope that we can work with these recording and enable the listeners to feel touched by the sounds, without any visual purely the sound…  


3 comments on “Researching tribal cultures

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing!! This is why I think community media is the way forward, its so inclusive! Instead of just reporting on an issue from the sidelines, very detached from whats going on which creates the ‘us’ and ‘them’ by integrating within a community and empowering each other to do it together this creates messages that are so much more powerful and inspiring. Also by experiencing cultures personally it develops work that is so much more human and emotional which can inspire social change not only in yourself but the people with whom the experience is shared through media.

  2. I wish you all the luck with your second half of the project, sending smiles from england..(rainy, cold smiles 😛 ) lots of love xx

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