Planning day at Rongo

We arrived at Rongo University to meet with the students and staff to divide into our groups (photography, film and audio) to discuss our topic – The Luo Community. Jerry, the Dean of Rongo University gave us a brief understanding of the Luo people and how their culture is very much about living around Lake Victoria. He talked about the traditional dances that are performed by the Luo people and how it is used to keep their tribe alive and to educate people about their culture.  In the photography group Elle, Ali, Japhet, Geoffrey and I discussed together how we would like to approach this project and how we would like to capture the dancers, their routine and the relationship between the dances and the Luo community using a mixture of shots. Together we decided to focus predominantly on the dancers; their costumes/props, instruments, and movements, but also to identify the importance of the performance for both the Kagan (dancers) and the Luo people who are going to be there spectating. We also want to include other key aspects of the Luo tribe into the photographs, for example farming, fishing, and housing which will also be shown in the exhibition happening in Brighton at the end of April.





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