Last day at KU

wow, how time flies by. We are our last day at KU and this is the big day for editting. I have basic skills doing this, I hand to train everybody else to know how to use Audacity. Being able to explain how to use audacity has a good way to learn in more depth how to use the software. It was challenging to work in room where there was a lot of noise. We had two computers to work on and 8 Of us to work on editing which was too many. We have use an informative and comical tone for our show. I noticed the  

 importance to speak clearly and avoid repetition when talking in the recorder as it just adds much more work for editting. The structure of the radionshow was underpinned by four main points that we fit in an order that was interesting for the audience. It is interesting to work produce something on behalf of the audience which must grasp their attention. I think one of the key challenges in audio dealing just sound to grasp ones attention as opposed to visual methods which seem to require less ‘concentration’ for the audience. So it is vital to make it worthwhile for the audience to listen to the podcast. 

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