Exhibition in nairobie 

We had the exhibition on today, we showed all the work the diverse groups made over the last couple of days. We had the photography exihibition on joy and happiness, the video drama and documentary on tribalism  and our podcast on food and hygiene. All the projects represented issues raised by the community. The Kenyan students raised theses topics and we collaborated together on how we could use media technologies to inform the rest of the community about these issues and potentially offer  

 solutions on how to tackle them. 

I am impressed by how I was able to connect with the Kenyan students over just a couple days. We went from strangers to friends by working together on a meaningful project. The connection produced by teaming up to work towards a common goal really fostered a strong bond amongst us which I am really impressed by this. To me, this proves that when individual work together towards a common goal produces sense of community to attempt to deal with challenges experienced by the community. To me this is the beginning of the path  towards sustainability. 
 (Photograph of Nairobi traffic)

2 comments on “Exhibition in nairobie 

  1. Have really been enjoying your posts guys 🙂 It sounds like despite a few technical problems, the collaboration and hard work between you all really paid off. Often its the collaboration and friendships between groups that make the most successful projects and create an even better outcome. I love the fact that all the issues are so current and are things that really matter to the students, creating awareness of these things in the most effective type of development as its addressing the needs of the people and moving forward/ spreading awareness in a sustainable way. Great job guyssss so proud of you all 🙂 whats next in Rongo??

    • Hey Hattie !thank you for your support it has been awesome and plenty of work ! Yesterday we went into a local LUO community where they performed an amazing dance. It felt like we were in a time warp. Photos to come, been thinking of you and we sending love and sunshine through the post to you 🙂

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