Meeting KU

Today was the first meet with the students of Kenyatta University; the guys are pretty awesome! After a pretty intense game of ‘cheerleading rock paper scissors’, including around 20 students going wild, it made a good icebreaker to get to know one another. Following the game Peter held a lecture discussing what defines community and empowerment and then a discussion led by Fred about SEMA Media, what they do and who they are.

The day carried on and we found our groups and began talking about the problems that are in Kenya and in what way can we depict it through video. We spent a good hour or so talking about problems locally such as the biker crime, alcohol abuse and so much more. After debating and discussing which would be best we decided on tribalism, Nairobi has over 40 different tribes living around the area and it has seen some conflict over the years, it has caused tension between the communities and disrupts the students working lives and communication with one another. It also hinders peoples career life causing unemployment due to tribal relations, what we are going to reflect on is the way that tribalism could be a dying out thing in the younger generations and to examine both the negatives and positives of being within a tribe. As this is a fairly soft topic among a lot of people we are going to create a short drama based production to coincide with the interview production a fiction based / docudrama.

Oscar and I spent the night reflecting on what we had spoken about during the day and the project that we have coming up. Getting a head of the game we wrote up a script and a plot line for the drama production we will be shooting, basing it loosely on Romeo and Juliet we will show a mixed tribal marriage and its repercussions with family and the community, which then will link in to the interviews we will conduct tomorrow.


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