Day One. Action.

Today was pretty crazy to say the least… We went out on production shoot to conduct the interviews with the students and the local people in the market just across the train track from the university. Ranging from young to old we interviewed people about their experiences with tribalism, the market where we conducted the interview was an incredible place, pop up stalls created with thick branches and tarpaulin, goats running around and people just selling their crop. You start to realise after talking to these people just how problematic and just how troubled their lives have been through poverty and through tribal culture over the years; it also shows just how the situation is affecting the young people of Kenyatta University with social and career aspects in their lives. The majority of the younger generation we spoke to dislike trial culture and believe that it is causing more problems than it is worth today.

Grouping back in the class room we went through some amazing footage collected over the day, and prepared for the day tomorrow with a plan on shooting the fiction side of our docudrama. Reflecting on the day I’ve had wakes you up to the intensity, dangers and the beauty of Kenya.


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