Day Six

Today I woke up and my legs had been severely attacked by something. It looks pretty awful, I’m not going to post a photo because it looks like something off embarrassing bodies but I’m just hoping that it goes pretty rapidly as I will now be unable to wear shorts.

Today we were picked up by a big blue and gold bus and travelled 8-10 hours from Nairobi to Rongo. It was a long and tiring journey but the view was breath-taking. On the way we stopped off at the Great Rift Valley that runs through Kenya north to south. Although I took many images none of them could do the scenery justice.


(Above: The Great Rift Valley)


(Above: Me, Lewes, Oscar and Angelica on the bus to Rongo)

We went to the university to have some dinner then went back to our accommodation which looked nice from the outside but we quickly learned there were a few problems with most of the rooms, mostly bathroom related.

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