To Rongo!


Today we travelled 8 hours to Rongo by a big blue and gold school bus sent by Rongo University. Although it was a very long and tiring trip to Rongo the journey was incredible. The scenery was breathtaking, especially while driving through the Riff Valley where we stopped off to look at one of the oldest Maasai landscapes in Kenya. We stopped off right at the top of the valley where we were able to look down onto the vast and deserted plain, that was covered with beautiful African trees like the Marula and Acacia tree, and also a lot of succulent plants. In the distance we could see two sleeping volcanoes, I took a few photos but they don’t give the scenery any justice. After a short stop we then got back on the bus and travelled for another 3 hours to a small village in Narok county where we had lunch (a very memorable lunch.. Where we all ended up giving our food to the stray cats and kittens…). A further 3 hours in the bus and we finally reached Rongo! We were invited by the University to have dinner on their campus before heading the hostel located 10 minutes away near Rongo town. Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight. I am knackered!


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