Getting stuck in

the days are moving along and it is strange how time seems to have slowed down. Being away from my everyday life and western life makes me rejoice ! I feel like being out int the ‘real’ world and it is so much more real than simply reading about the world in a textbook. Experiencing the African way of life with the food, the people, the rhythm of life and community living has really made me grow. Although I still have so much to learn from Kenya, being here only a couple days has opened my eyes. I guess the main thing I have been thinking about and I have discussed with a Kenyan friend is our direction of life. The ideals that we have about what we want our lives to be like. We both have the same aspiration as to have a happy life but different paths to achieve this. We both agreed on the necessity of basic material wealth to meet needs, but I feel like in the west this a priority over actual, real, happiness. My friend seemed to explain that s long as your have food, family and you do something you love.. What else could you want? It is interesting and I think vital to reflect in our relation with money and happiness in a the world of new-neoberalism. How far does money actually enable well being? This questions seems particularly relevant for a developing country trying to catch up with the world economy. 



This is a photograph over layered with some drawings of the road site in Nairobie 

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