Day 2 at KU

When we arrived in the morning at KU Elle, Lana and I went to meet our photography group in the lecture room. Together we went over our ideas for the topic and discussed how we were going to present it at the exhibition on Saturday. I was a bit worried before we arrived today that we hadn’t made it clear on how we are going to present ‘happiness and joy’ (in either printed photos or a digital story board) in the exhibition. But after getting the encouragement and approval from Peter, Fred and Shikoukou I felt much better about it. Also there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm from the whole group today, which was great! The previous day we decided to divide into two groups to ensure we make effective use of the time we have.

Group A: Elle, Lana, Fanuel and Brenda, and group B: Impeesa, Yvette, Ali and I. It was great because in each group we had a real contrast of personality and skill. Elle and Lana who are both skilled photographers went with Fanuel and Brenda who both had no experience using a camera. The two showed incredible confidence and make use of Elle and Lana’s cameras for the whole day. In my group I was really lucky to have Impeesa and Ali, as they are both really talented photographers with so much passion and determination for creativity. Impeesa had his own DSLR camera and was very helpful and knowledgeable when trying to plan a shoot and also when trying to assign the settings on the camera to suit a particular shot. As a group we went off to the student shopping centre to capture people having lunch, hanging out with their friends and relaxing. We then went to the swimming pools to try get some shots of people doing ‘what they love to do ’then onto the park where we tried getting some photos of people relaxing and having fun with friends. While taking these shots we also asked individuals a few questions about happiness, what makes them happy, and what they do to make them feel joyful. Overall it was a really fun and interesting day!

IMG_8300 (2)


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