Day Four

I am slowly getting used to these early starts; when we arrived at KU there were lots of people missing and we were waiting a while to get started, luckily they eventually all turned up and we went out altogether to the Kenyatta Market (KM) which was just outside the university gates. It was busy and full of life and overall I took 300 images, some of them really good I was very happy with what I achieved.


(Above: Some of KM)

We went back to the classroom to go through all the images; unfortunately Angelicas camera ran out of battery very early in the day but we still had 3 full cameras worth of images to go though and the day before to pick just around 20. This process was the most stressful as everyone liked different images and were naturally quite attached to the ones they had taken. If there was no clear consensus we voted on it. We also had to consider what interviews we had as we needed them to create the caption so if we didn’t have an interview or no way to get one we couldn’t include the image.

(Below: Some Images I took – hard to pick only a few)


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