CM4K voice of the community

today, I would like to share my experience working in the recording studio at Kenyatta university. We are a team of 7 and we have really bonded over the last couple days. We have been brainstorming and have decided to address the issue of the health and hygiene in the community of KM. KM is a local market used by students for their food, shopping, photocopy… All of these businesses have popped up just for the university and are out of business when university is closed. These are temporary businesses. 

For making our show we brainstormed key theme to explore, collected interviews with students going to the market and a student studying food and nutrition to gain expert knowledge. We recorded our introduction, voice overs , ads and catch phrases. This has been a great experience and has given me insight on all the nitty gritty cogs involved in making a radio show. I have reflected upon the necessity to keep a captivating voice and humour in order to keep the audience listening. Making a radio show has taught me how to present audio information in a fun, simple, clear, coherent manner. 

Working in team has successful and I have made really good friends. We had fun, and raised an important issue in the local community. This project has also created a community within our group which is the best of rewards !  


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