Day 3 – Kenyatta Market

Today when we arrived the whole group went straight out to Kenyatta market just a short walk over the railway behind the university. We started to interact with the community by going around the fruit and mitumba clothing stalls. We asked locals if they would be ok if we could take some photos of them at work and also if we could interview them for their name, their interests and what makes them happy. We did this so that we could get a quotation to caption each image for the exhibition. With three cameras in the group we managed to take over 500 photos, interviewing about 20 locals in the market. By about 1pm the weather turned really hot and as we had enough shots we decided to go back to the campus to grab some lunch and start selecting photos for the exhibition. The weather and food seemed to have drained the group a bit at this point so we just spent the rest of the day sorting out which photos we wanted to use and didn’t want to use. By 4.30pm the bus had arrived to pick us up so we travelled back to the hostel to chill out for the evening with a few tuskers of course! 😉


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