Final Day at KU

This morning when we left for KU I felt quite stressed about the day ahead. As a group we had a lot of things to do before 4.30pm; organising and arranging photographs, going out and taking more shots, printing photographs and writing up the captions for each of them. When we arrived and met with the rest of the group we thought that to ensure we had everything ready for the exhibition tomorrow that each of us would need to be allocated a task for the day. I went with Impeesa, Fanuel and Ali out to Kenyatta Market again to get some photos of us engaging with the community and also to get the locals to take photos on our cameras. This was really interesting, as many people in the market had never held a camera like any of the three SLR’s we had, and a few had no idea how to make use of the camera. This is where we were able to help them to take a good quality photograph of something going on in the community. I found this really rewarding as a few of the people we asked to take photos we’re so happy and appriecative that they had been offered the experience to use a camera. It’s an experience I have probably taken for granted, as this technology has always been so accessible for me back home.

While this was happening we also asked each person a few questions (about their work, their interest and hobbies, and also if they had learnt anything about photography). We then went back to the university to go show the rest of the group what we had done, and together we selected photographs to put into tomorrows exhibition. The rest of the afternoon we spent stressing and working our socks off to make sure we would have the photos printed and everything organised before we had to leave. We rushed and managed to get all the captions and photos ready for printing on SD cards right before we were due to leave to go back to our hostel when Fred said that he would print them off for us somewhere much cheaper in Nairobi city centre. This took a huge weight off our shoulders. All there was to worry about now is that the exhibition will be arranged correctly tomorrow in time for its start at 3pm. I really enjoyed the experience at Kenyatta University; I met some really lovely people who have inspired me to pursue my passion for photography.

DSC_0038Key cutter


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