First Day at Kenyatta University

After a 6am start and being stuck in peak hour Nairobi traffic, we finally made it to Kenyatta University where we drove to the Business and Student Service Centre to meet the guys from KU and SEMA. We were given a 2-hour lecture by various organisers/partners where we discussed the meaning of community based learning, what the term ‘community’ means, and how we can apply that to working collectively in a project with each other. The staff and students then welcomed us to have a cup of chai 🙂 which was then shortly followed by a traditional Kenyan lunch (beef stew, rice and ugali). After lunch we went back to the lecture room where we separated into the groups (audio, film and photography) and brainstormed ideas and planned a project topic.


I am in the photography group; there are eight of us in the group, both a mixture of SEMA, KU and Brighton students. Together we came up with possible topics that could get us out and involved in the community. We made a mutual agreement to focus the project on a positive and cheerful topic, one that draws away from any negative connotations associated to life of Kenyan people. So as a group we decided to focus on the topic of ‘Happiness and Joy’. Things that people enjoy, or do to make them feel happy and content. In order of achieving this project we decided as a group to take portrait photographs of people in local communities and even of students at Kenyatta University to find out what the term happiness means for these people. Tomorrow when we meet again we will divide into two groups to go around the university to find locations in the campus where students go to seek leisure and enjoyment.

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