Day Three

Today I felt a bit better as I slept fairly well but I was extremely nervous about the day ahead and taking photos as most people stare a lot because I suspect they probably don’t see white people around much at all add that to the language barrier (although most speak very good English) and the fact we are trying to take photos of them which is quite personal and intrusive.

In the morning we talked further about our ideas and presented them to Peter who was happy with what we had come up with. After lunch we split into 2 groups; Angelica, Impeesa, Ali and Yyvette went to the shopping centre, swimming pool and the park and Me, Fanuel, Brenda and Lana went to the girl and boy dorms. I didn’t take any photos but instead taught Brenda how to use the camera as she had never used one before. We also tried to interview everyone we took a good image of so we could have a short caption under the image. We asked their names, what they enjoyed doing in their spare time and how that made them feel which created a good quote. We reconvened at the end of the day to look through the images we had taken and picked out some of the best.



(Above: photography group selfie)

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