Discovering Kenya

We have arrived. Thank God πŸ™‚

After such a long journey that started for me at about 0120hrs on the 17th and ended at about 2200hrs, being tired was such an understatement for me.

As we were leaving London, it just started snowing, some might say perfect timing, but the snow is my favourite. lol

We all arrived at the airport on time which was great, so no need for panic over anyone missing their flights. The flight was smooth which was perfect, because I would’ve really dreaded it if there was any turbulence.

When we arrived at Kenya it was raining :(, but I will still excited. This was the first time I’ve been to any other African country that is not Nigeria that I can remember.

I must say I was quite impressed with the airport, the toilets were extremely clean and the airport was very orderly. Thumbs up Kenya.

Our driver Rufus was already there waiting on us which was good. He is a very nice and polite man. Got to the accommodation, which is not too far from the airport. It is called the Nairobi Airport Stopover Hotel.

Was really anxious to know where I would be staying for a week, but when I saw it I was a bit disappointed, not what I expected, but after talking about it with some of my peers I realised I wasn’t alone, and they encouraged me to try it out for a night and see how I felt. By the way, one plus about the place was the WIFI. lol

The next morning I felt alright, didn’t feel as down as the night before, I guess I just had to get used to the environment.

The first official day, we went to get our phones sorted. I was pleased to have a sim card and on the go internet. Then we went for Lunch afterwards. It was good to just notice the city from the car, and see different elements. P.S There is so much traffic in Kenya. It was a nice day just discovering.

When we got back, we had a planning meeting of how the week would be. Then had some dinner. I got to see the famous Ugali.

Also there was a blackout last night.

All in all, absolute great first day. x

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