Meeting Nairobi

A day of acclimatising – we set off in the morning to see what is around locally, first visiting a local supermarket for some of the crew to pick up sim cards. Moving through the city you really start to see how great the culture and people of Nairobi are. The vast difference in society and way of life is an amazing sight to see, the people of Nairobi are a such happy folk and set in their ways perfectly. The crazy thing is, the style they do it, they have swag! You never stop being amazed and the things you can see on such a diverse scale not forgetting the wildlife, just around the town and locally, bamboos just doing their thing, and herons looking the size of dinosaurs flying through the air. It really is a fascinating place to be in!

Getting a scope around the guesthouse were are staying in is charming, there are painting of various animals created by local artists on the walls surround the house; a hippopotamus, elephant, giraffe and cheetah looking stylish. The surrounding plant life is great and fruit isn’t in short supply with a mango tree perched directly above us.

The evening meeting took place where we were briefed about the happenings tomorrow at Kenyatta University (19/01/2016) as a group we need to collaborate with the students of KU to discuss topics arising in Kenya and produce a video, audio and photography production based around the topic of community. Roll on tomorrow!DSC_0465

One comment on “Meeting Nairobi

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve been busy already! Its great that you’ve had time to settle in and appreciate your surroundings after such a long journey. The place your staying sounds amazing and Nairobi looks like a great bustling place to be 🙂 Look forward to hearing how your first collaboration goes tomorrow, good luck guys!! report from UK…its cold. x

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