Travelling to Kenya

Today we are planning on relaxing which is well needed after a long and slightly stressful 18+ hour journey.

I rushed straight to Heathrow from a gig in London on the Saturday night before the tubes closed, they were all running late because of a short staff problem but luckily I managed to catch the last one. I waited in Costa for 3 hours till the others arrived at 4am and when we did get on the first flight to Zurich It was delayed by an hour due to the unexpected appearance of snow in England, for which they were clearly unprepared. Luckily our second flight from Zurich waited for us and we settled in for a further 8 hour plane journey with the help of a selection of recently released films, food and alcohol and an intense game of scrabble.

When we got off the plane excitement was in the air, it was 10pm local time but still very warm. We drove to the Nairobi airport stopover guesthouse, stopping off at a garage to get some essentials. We were all very tired so after a quick tour around, we settled into our bunk-beds in our charming little yellow outhouse and had an early night excited to see Nairobi in the daylight.


(Our accommodation at the Nairobi airport stopover guesthouse)

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