Day One

I woke up this morning feeling very happy and refreshed after a surprisingly good sleep due to a combination of a very comfy bed, my earplugs and the protection of a mosquito net.

Breakfast was a delicious section of fruit and fruit juice followed by pancakes, egg and most importantly a huge portion of Marmite on toast to keep the mozzies at bay. In the light of day we really got a chance to see how beautiful the area we were staying really was.


(Above: The view from the balcony at the guesthouse)

We decided we would check out the town and all packed into the minibus and headed off. The traffic was unbearably slow but it gave us a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding area.


(Above: Packed into the minibus)

I saw lots of street food stalls and tiny run down kiosks although degraded; colourful, unique and full of life. The locals I’ve encountered have all been very friendly, happy and smiley which gives you a great feeling and makes the whole experience even more rewarding.

We went to a local supermarket to get money and sort phones and then to a café where we had a coffee before heading back to the guesthouse to enjoy some authentic local food cooked by the staff. Peter also organised a group meeting to discuss our plans for the week ahead which set the nerves into motion and sparked us all into action.


(Above: working hard in the garden at the guesthouse)

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