Connecting with KU 

Today was the first day meeting KU students and I must say meeting them in person was great. Although Facebook was a great first point of contact, being face to face was much better. I found the students really bright and easy to talk to. We played an icebreaker ‘cheerleader rock paper cissors’ which everybody got into. It was the first time I initiated a icebreaker and I am  really happy for how it turned out.  

The second part of the afternoon, we got into groups so we could start working on our projects for the exhibition. I am in the audio group  which is quite exciting for me. I have very little experience doing this, but I do think that my skills :interviewing and basic editting skills will come in handy. My groups is really sweet I felt comfortable with them very quickly. Our ideas developed and we got to know each other quite well, just in the space of couple of hours. I think that working as a team towards a common goal (producing a podcast) is a really good way to get to know people. Although I enjoy the regular chitchat, of getting to know somebody, Working on a project together is a way to develop a common interest. This sets an intention to collaborate and it is a way to get to know somebody through their ideas, skills and their behaviour in a group. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the day I feel like we did some good progress, I think these next couple days will be quite intense with gathering material feigning our ideas and producing content ! Very exciting ! 

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