Day 5, 23rd

Today we headed back to university, we meet our groups and started looking through over 3000 photos, we then selected 300, then down to 35. We then created a Photoshop workshop; we had to laptops out and ran through the basics. We then had lunch and started looking at how we would present the photos. We decided to put the photos on a PowerPoint with a black background. Our Kenyan students selected some local tribal music to accompany the presentation. We then watched the other groups presentations, ours and then listened to goodbye speeches. It was so sad to say goodbye to the friends we made! This trip is so amazing!

Thoughts on Kenya; I have never come across such loving, kind and passionate people! The energy that the students give off really drives me to become more avid to my work and day-to-day life! I love this country, its people and I am sure I will return to work with these people again.

photo 7

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