Day 4, 22nd

Today we went back to Kenyatta University and met our groups. We went to conduct our test shoots, my group went to an outside dance room, we watched an amazing dance routine, and it allowed the group a chance to photograph motion and then stills through portraits. We then went back to look through each others photos, we complemented and then recommended ways to make the photos better, this was useful before we headed out on shoot. We all got a coach together and headed to Ngong, on the coach all students mixed and learnt more about each others life’s, in and out of university, the journey took around 1 ½ hours. Firstly we arrived at a local police station, we meet the local county commissioner and he gave a speech to welcome us to Ngong. We then headed to visit Professor Walla, Kenya’s greatest children’s author; an expert in Swahili based books. I felt this part of the day went on to long and took away from the time we had to shoot. We quickly proceed to Ngong township school, a school of over 2000 students and only 37 teachers. Half the group went to shoot at an orphanage up the road. Myself and the rest of the group stayed to listen to the head teacher. We spoke about the troubles the school faced and the ways a community center can help the local area. My group then went and photographed a teacher in her classroom, she showed us around the school, it was very sad to she such basic rooms. What shone out was the teachers passion to help better their school and community. We regrouped and headed to Ngong hills for photos. The whole area is stunning; it has been the best day so far!

photo 6 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

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