Day 3, 21st

We woke up and started the day with a home cooked breakfast, we the headed to Kenyatta University to meet our cohorts who would be taking part in the workshops. When we arrived we sat in the workshop room and listened to introduction speeches, we then formed our groups. I was running the photography group along with 3 other Brighton students. We started by getting to know each other, talking about each other’s communities, university lifestyles and national culture. In order to stick to our serviced based learning approach we asked everyone to express their knowledge on photography. Some students were advanced and others novices. One Kenyan student explained the basics of photography. Then we processed to explain in more depth the workshop and photography theory. We followed our guide we made back in Brighton, each student had a partner, we used the cameras and tripods to physically show how a camera is used. After lunch we went and took test shoots around the university. We then came up with the theme ‘faces of the community’ and decided to use portraiture. We took photos around the university’s shopping center, we then went back to the room, reviewed the photos, reflected on the days events and planned a test shoot for the next day.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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