Day 6, 24th

Today we headed to Ruriru to Focus Youth Initiative, a day orphanage for a chapatti day. We collaborated with Zetech University to photo and film the community. We got to learn how to make/cook a chapatti, which was so fun!

I have never been so happy, the children made the day so special; it was so hard not to get upset. Today was a day I will never forget!

As I have noted before; the people give of so much happiness, however simple some of their life’s are. The modest fact that the children share everything they have is an example of how this community cares and loves for one another!

The people are content and I think this is what we should all strive for!

I will return to Focus one day, this is a promise, the staff, children and local community are special and I will always hold a place for them in my heart!


 photo 10 photo 9 photo 8

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