Arrival in Nairobi

CM4K 2015 at Heathrow

Karibu CM4K fieldtip 2015…..I understand you guys have snow today. It is warm but fairly overcast in Nairobi today.

We arrived at our accommodation in Nairobi, after a hassle free journey only to find that the handover hadn’t occurred and the previous tennants were still there……just leaving but still there! One of them, an unpleasant US Citizen was determined to make his leaving as slow as possible and seemed to think it was our fault for having the temerity to turn up on time. Anyway…..he left and the handover took place. Most of the cleaning was done this morning.

Today has been spent generally relaxing and shopping at the local shopping centre. We are just about to start discussing tomorrow where we will spend the first of a 3 day community media capacity building & training workshop introducing participants to the equipment and planning/story boarding the content generation for the following day in Ngong – where we hope to establish a community media centre.

That’s it for today….more tomorrow.


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