Arrival – Day: 1/2 – 19th/20th January 2015

DAY 1: (19th)

My flight arrived 2hours after the group (8.30pm), on arrival, I went through quarantine (Ebola check) then proceed to immigration, paid for my visa, claimed my bags, then departed the airport.

I then got a lift to the accommodation, an apartment, which is very nice. I met the group at the bar next door, we had drinks and caught up on each other’s trips.

DAY 2: (20th)

In the morning I walked around to the shopping mall, around the corner from the apartment. I brought some water and snacks for the day. After a really nice home cooked breakfast, made by a cook that comes in every morning, we all went round to the shopping mall to get tea/coffee, lunch and local sim cards.

We then had a few hours to chill, go for walks, beers etc before doing some planning for tomorrow’s workshops. In the late afternoon, Willis (Kenyan partner) and his friend came over to our apartment and we planned our 2-week trip.

We talked about our group workshops, photography, video and audio and how we will use the workshops over the next 3 days at Kenyatta university.

This evening we are having a cooked meal at home and will probably go over to the bar for a relaxing drink before our early start tomorrow.

Thoughts so far;

– Apartment – for the price, really nice – good location, 24hr guard, clean rooms, great cook

– Location – shopping mall around the corner, all shops one would need.

– Bar – really friendly staff, good cheap beers/drinks and food… (we ate at 11pm/12pm (they stay open till the last customer).

– Nairobi/Kenya – if one thing stands out it the friendliness of the Kenyan people. There is an atmosphere of success, it seems that Kenya is really trying to grow, fast! My first opinion on Kenya is that it is bound for a successful future.

– Spencer

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