Arrival and First Full Day

Firstly by some miracle non of our suitcases were over the limit, which is something everyone should be impressed about.

The journey to Nairobi was hassle free, very long. But made shorter and much more fun courtesy of unlimited FREE alcohol on the plane. For future reference if anyone thinks getting drunk on the plane is a good idea, it is not.

We arrived safely, no one died 🙂 that much is obvious… statistics say that 99.9% of people who are clinically dead can not actively engage in communication, that includes blogs and posting selfies at every opportune moment. Authorities casually carry giant AK47s around, as tempted as I was to ask if I could have a go, I resisted.

The rest of the night passed without incident, , played pool, ate some French Fries and chicken nuggets (really getting stuck into traditional African Cuisine with that one) and then went to bed.

Tomorrow we are heading to Kenyetta university for our first workshop 🙂 so there should be lots more to say’1


“We’re in Switzerland, look at that. Oh switzerland.” (Angastinioitis, M. 2015)

One comment on “Arrival and First Full Day

  1. Whilst I applaud your eagerness to blog Kelly, I am not so sure I feel the same way about some of the content. Your youthful enthusiasm might need to be held in check a little. Remember that this is an outward facing blog that represents not only yourself and your family but CM4K &the University of Brighton also. Think of it this way….when you are sitting at an interview trying to convince an employer about things that make you stand out from the other candidates and you refer to what you did in Kenya as an example – would you really want them to look at this blog?

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