Trip to the goveners

Today i woke up with a sense of relief knowing that we had got all our editing done, we just had a few minor tweaks left to make and export and upload the video. As we only had one computer with the programme for cs6 that edited quickly we decided to let the other group do their editing and then we could finish ours at a later date. After breakfast we set of for a trip to meet the governor to explain and demonstrate the activities Rongo university had been involved in. When we arrived there was a bit of waiting around while Peter went inside. It turned out that the governor was not actually in Rongo but Nairobi! In consequence we drove to the deputy governors quarters to continue the meeting there. After a lot of introductions, Peter and jerry discussed what we had been doing and raised the point about hoping to take two Rongo university students to brighton for an exchange. The deputy was more than pleased by the work we had been doing and said he welcomed this sort of activity. Once we got back to the university it had gotten a bit late so the other groups continued working hard on getting their editing done, which meant we had the chance to let some of our group to play around with the cameras and practice some photography we also worked on some stop motion.

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