Miners in poverty

I was excited to visit the local communities this morning, we had the chance to interact with the people who work in mining. We took this opportunity to document our interviews and b roll for our video. I was unsure what to expect before we arrived and i was definitely touched by the situation. Although these people produce gold for a living they were living in poverty. There was also the issue of child labour which was sad to see. No child should have to work in those conditions, but they have no other choice. Having the interview with the woman went well although we couldn’t understand the language it got translated to us back in the classroom. This produced some problems as it took a while to translate and choose the footage. But we sent two people away to write out what they were saying on camera whilst we edited the rest. This made it a lot quicker and more productive in the editing process. As the day went on we powered through the editing and we managed to end up with just under five minutes of footage! Now we just have a few tweaks left to make and we can export and upload our video to youtube. Overall i think we worked really well today as a team and have produced a meaningful product.

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