First workshop in Rongo

We were a bit late this morning because of problems with the water and partially because we chased a mosquito across the room! Which unluckily disappeared. Anyhow we set off for our first trip to Rongo university on the coach. We were a bit apprehensive about how the day would plan out because of the uncertainty of how many people would be there. When we arrived we had a warm welcoming from the staff, we met with the principle then the deans and professors for a meeting and photograph. We then moved back to the classroom and began to divide the groups up. We had about 18 students which was a bit of a relief as we didn’t have too many in each group we decided to have two groups of video, one for photography and one for audio. We then let the students choose which they wanted to do. In mine Chaz’s and Jen’s group we had five students to work with. It was a lot easier to start this workshop having the previous experience of the workshops in Niarobi. However it was a lot harder to get the students to engage and be passionate about the documentary. They did enjoy using the equipment and seemed to take full advantage of the opportunity, they also picked up the skills we taught them quite quickly. We mind mapped some ideas and came up with issues surrounding gold mining. We decided to focus on poverty in gold mining and how it is ironic that the miners who dig gold for money are poor. We then drew up the Storyboard and began to film. We were going to have two interviews one with a female miner and the students lecturer. We filmed some b roll around the university and one of their lecturers. After some direction they started to understand concepts of b roll and framing. We then chose to get some footage of local poverty in rongo, we walked just outside of the university and filmed some of the village. Once we came back we started to wrap up our work writing the scripts and finalising the questions for preparation for the trip to the mines tomorrow.

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