Stories from our Cities

Due to the issues that we had with the car the night before we weren’t able to go and help Fred set up stories from our cities on the Monday so we all just chilled out when we got home and had a few drinks and played a few games. The morning of the Tuesday that we were flying out, we went into Nairobi town to find the Barclays building. We got very lost and drove around for a while. When we found the building, we went up to the exhibition, which had not been set up yet. Peter and I were simply gutted that our images did not make the cut in the exhibition with our photographs.

Oh well, we helped frame and put up the work whilst dancing around with two very sweet little girls and then we left. We drove around to try to find a Maasai market where I could find the PERFECT giraffe. Unfortunately, we could not find any that were open to we headed back to pack. Peter went off for a nap and that is where it began…

As I lay down to take a quick nap before we had to leave for the airport at nine as asked Jen to give me a makeover. What she did to me, started the entire camp to get make overs, even Roderick. We all looked rather interesting…. And that is how we spent our last day in Kenya.


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