Hakuna Matata

What an amazing day!!! We left very early to head to the Safari and in true Kenyan style the bus was an hour late. Meaning that we could have all got an extra hour in bed but oh well. The bumpy road to the Massai Mara was tough as we were squeezed in like sardines and our bums were numb. In the Safari we saw 4 of the big five which was exciting; lions, elephants, buffalo and a rhino. We also saw hippos, crocs, warthogs and monkeys.

The most exciting part of the day was getting really close to giraffes, we saw loads of giraffes, which I got excited about. :):):)

As we were leaving the park, we unfortunately broke down due to an oil leak. So we were towed out of the park (whilst some went in another van to watch some hippos). As we were leaving the park, we saw two male lions who were injured. Our poor little van was towed to a local hostel where we stayed the night. The texts that we stayed in were amazing it was as if we were glamping, and our tent was called giraffes. This just proves that many good things came out of something that could have ended so disastrous. P1000663

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