lions and tigers and bears oh no!

Lions (giraffes, wilderbeest, elephants ect) and (lack of) tigers and bears oh no! Safari has been 100% excellent and considering all the mishaps and what-nots I think its gone as well as it possibly could have. The day started later and took longer than originally planned but we arrived at the massai mara safe and sound and saw what beauty the world has to offer all in one peaceful place.. we saw the big 5, minus the cheetah so technically the big 4 and witnessed the most amazing majestic animals in their natural habitat; it made me think of the world differently and I saw it through different eyes.. the massai as a community preserve the land for these animals and protect them from as much harm as they possibly can, its been amazing to see how the world works together with eachother in harmony for the benefit of all and the experience has left me feeling inspired to help and in awe of how ‘the other half’ live.

The van then developed a minor hole with major consequenses that again made me admire everyones sense of community. We faced a long wait amongst the lions at their feeding time in an overcrowded van full of sleepy and hungry women but everyone was optimistic and aside from the many getting eaten by lions jokes and light hearted moaning everyone actually pulled together quite well in my opinion and avoided unnessecary arguments and tension… I think… some people were quite rightly stressed but we all were quite fully aware that the whole situation was noones fault and there was nothing to do other than look on the bright side of things!

Worrying gets you nowhere but worried and I firmly believed that we would come to no harm regardless of where we ended up (we are currently resided in a nearby lodge reception playing card games after a meal). I am aware that it has been a massive inconvinience not only to our days plans getting back to nairobi but also for tomorrows exhibition plans but no harm came to anyone and in the grand scheme of things the lack of sleep and unnessecary stress are not the worst things that have come from today… and for being stranded at almost dusk in the middle of a safari I think things could have gone a lot worse. The community media group acted as a little community, much like the massai mara in a sense and the londiani community as we made the best of our situation and collectivly, so far, have quite literally made it out of the lions den alive

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