delicious fish

Today was similar to yesterday in regards to lack of organisation.. gerry doesnt seem to have mastered the art of communication and once again lugged us along with the rongo students three hours away to a rural community on the edge of lake victoria. Similar to yesterday there had been some sort of mix up and as it was market day noone had turned up.. this was rectified by a member of the community going to the nearby school to round up the troops to make it look as though there hadn’t been an attendance issue. In my (and not only mine, peters and the rest of the brighton students) opinion the trip was somewhat confusing and rude to begin with anyway as none apart from gerry knew what our plans were; we didnt know who we were visiting or why and therefore our very appearance in our masses could have been seen as a intrusion.

All of our work there with the community would have been fueled by assumptions and would have been a pointless experience for both parts because 1: there needs were not established prior to our visit meaning we were not prepared for what was to come and 2: the sheer amount of students that turned up with no material prepared could have been/probably was seen as an intrusion which defeats the whole object of partnering with others and contradicts community work as it does not allow the recipient’s to feel comfortable with sharing what their needs are which results in us generating their needs for them in a sense.

We did however eat some delicious fish from lake victoria and got a chance to edit the footage we hadnt had time to finish in Rongo; this spare time we had allowed us to reflect on our experience in Kenya so far and gave us a little bit of time to organise the aspects of editing that we hadn’t finalized.

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