Off to Rongo!!

Today we headed off on full bellies for the next part of our journey. After finishing work in Nairobi we set off for Rongo. Stopping off for a visit at a boarding school named. In only a short amount of time on the coach driving out of the city felt like i had experienced so much more of Kenya. We luckily saw some zebras, baboons and spring boks! Which made me even more excited for the safari! It soon became apparent the amount of poverty there was and how underdeveloped Kenya is. There was some beautiful views but it was also pretty sad. The stop at the school was brilliant. All the children were so excited to greet us and we had an amazing welcome into the school with singing from the students. These children were very fortunate to be in one of the best schools within the district, yet it was shocking that even though this was one of the best schools it still lacked facilities such as electricity and toilets they also had a lot of problems with water and the students had to share beds. The school had two wells 25 feet deep. But unfortunate they had to stop developing them, meaning they are in need of funding to continue work. In order to help raise awareness of this we filmed the head teacher and director of the school to make a promotional video for the school. Me, Rod and Lucy filmed the interview whilst they others got some b-roll of the children. Once we had finished we said our goodbyes and thank you’s to the staff and children. We then set of to our hotel, the road constructions caused a very bumpy ride! Which set us back a bit. Once we arrived we were pleasantly surprised with our accommodation and we soon got some z’d to recharge for our first day in Rongo.

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