Lake victoria

Today we got to Rogo university a bit earlier so we could have time to drive to Lake Victoria. After breakfast we set off on the coach to visit the community next to Lake Victoria. After another bumpy three hours we parked up by the community centre to meet the people of the local communities. Coming as a big group of people was probably a bit intimidating to the group of people so after the speeches from Jerry, Willis and Peter we got the students of Rongo to organise the community members into two groups. Getting the Rongo students to interact with them was a better way to help communicate with them. Once they set up two groups we set up two cameras to film the meetings. We didn’t want to be shoving cameras in peoples faces so chaz, sarah and jen stood back and filmed discretely. (I was very impressed by the video skills jen and sarah learnt!). The visit to the lunch hall was interesting.. But the river was beautiful! After a long journey back we made it back for dinner and got some good sleep for the trip to the safari tomorrow.

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