Masai mara!

Day 12 in the wilderness. Lack of contact with the outside world and leaking toilets is starting to get to me. But on the plus side its safari day in the Masai mara! We got up to an early start at 4 am and left by five to ensure we got to the Masai mara on time and had enough time to get back. Which typically all fell through when we broke down… However the day started with an exciting pace, we had some nice breakfast and lunch packed by the lovely staff at Rongo university. Once we arrived, following a bumpy ride into the Masai we soon saw an array of wildlife! I luckily ticked off all the ones i was desperate to see, lions, elephants, giraffes, and monkeys. We also came across hippos, Ostriches, rhinos, crocodiles, a multi coloured lizard!, zebras, many deer, birds, buffalo and a tortuous! Once the day started to get late we started to drive out of the Masai mara, unfortunately our van started leaking oil and we broke down. Soon someone passed and towed us out to help, but if it wasn’t for the van breaking down we wouldn’t of come across two male lions which we got extremely close to! Once the people our driver rang arrived they took over as the other car couldn’t support the van. Me, rod and emily had to stay in the van whilst the others ditched us and enjoyed a luxurious ride and got to spot some hippos! Clear now who aren’t the team players ey! Anyway after being towed out of dangerous lion territory we stopped at a camp to wait for the van to be fixed at the garage. After a long wait it was clear it was too dangerous for the driver to get us to Nairobi in the dark, so instead we stayed the night in a scary bug tent! I am sure this will all be funny in the morning.

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