Thank you Captain Hindsight!

Our first day at Rongo University was a little tricky. Once we had got the housekeeping out of the way (and had about 3 meals by about 10am) we set ourselves up in groups. As less participants wanted to do photography, I quickly adapted and moved to the video production team.  When discussing the fact that I have far less editing knowledge than Maddy and Chaz, we came to the conclusion that this was in fact a help to our group. I was able to almost translate when Maddy and Chaz were explaining something that to them is second nature, I could put it into simpler more visual ways in order to communicate.  The tricky part of today was unlike Nairobi, out participants didn’t seem as keen, or seem to see the importance of the planning stages of the film. This was unfortunate because the planning and story boarding is extremely crucial, but we found keeping them focused and attentive was challenging. When filming though the group came into their own. They took their roles very seriously making sure they did everything that was required of that specific role.  In hindsight perhaps the planning stages would have been easier if we had done some kind of ice breaker, like the one in Nairobi.

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