Flat Bottom

Everyone decided to go to bed rather early after we had packed up our stuff in the hostel. I woke up this morning at six for my third freezing cold shower of the trip and started getting ready. We left a little late, however that seemed like the norm for Kenyan time, as they are all very chilled out. Our first part of the journey took about 3 hours, it was incredible to see a lot more of Kenya through the coach window and I could not sleep, as I did not want to miss anything. We spotted some zebras and baboons on the way too.

We arrived at the school at around 2pm and walked up the gates. As we entered the school, the kids were singing us a welcome song, which was incredible, and we walked through the middle of them as we were on the red carpet. After lunch as a quick tour around the school, we visited the different classrooms to talk to the kids about what they were learning and they were so interesting in us. Asking about our clothes, jewelry and about England. Everyone wanted to shake hands (even the tinny kids). Sadly we could not stay too long after we finished filming an interview and B-roll for a promotional video to build a new well for them, but we said our goodbyes and left. I am now writing this blog on a coach we have all been on for a very long time on our way to Rongo University, very apprehensive about what our accommodation will be like.

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