“Welcome, welcome our visitors…”

Londaini school

Visiting the school in Londiani was a pretty amazing experience. After arriving to some welcome songs we had a delicious lentil lunch cooked for us by the headmaster’s wife. During the tour of the school that followed the issues they face in running this private school to such a high standard became clear. Despite being 5th out of 65 schools in recent results. The headmaster explained that the well they have is not sufficient and sometimes the children miss out on valuable education because they have to walk miles to the next well.

Having accessed the need we set about filming the footage we needed to put the film together. I managed to get a lot of B-roll of the children in their classes, whilst Maddy and Rod conducted the interview. Although before we knew it things got a bit hectic and Sarah and I were leading a class. This class posed for our cameras and giggled when we played the footage back to them. They asked us hundreds of questions and all at the same time, wanting to know everything about our lives back in the UK. It was the most welcoming and friendly environment.

Hopefully our visit will help their plans towards development, a stepping stone in the direction of providing them with electricity. This is very important due to the government demands that every school must have computer facilities.

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