First Day in Rongo

We left our hotel at 8 o’clock and drove into Rongo University. This is where we had an amazing breakfast where my eyes were too big for my belly. We had introductions to the Dean of Media Communications and all of the other professors, including the students. Then we separated into four groups; two video, one audio and one photography. (I was happy that I got a chance to do some photography with the students, as I was clueless when it came to the video production workshops in Nairobi). We started mind mapping with groups, talking about what topics they wanted to discuss and raise awareness. They wanted to concentrate on marriages, – after a discussion with Peter, we thought that it would be difficult to photograph (unless we were to convieniently stumble across a Kenyan marriage). We managed to come up with another idea, “Faces of Rural Poverty”.

–          What are the health implications of poverty?

–          How can we raise awareness?

–          How can you photograph poverty?

After lunch we started doing photography tutorials..

–          Framing

–          Landscape and portrait

–          Rule of thirds

–          Camera angles

–          Close ups

–          Putting up tripods

–          Storyboarding

–          Using the camera to focus

–          Blurring different objects in and out

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