More Food

We started this day with another very big breakfast. After breakfast both University of Brighton and Rongo University College students got the bus to one of the local villages where they were Gold mining. We did a lot of technique practice on portrait photography and their photographs came out amazing. When we all got back to the university, we started importing the pictures into Moviemaker to begin making it into a photographic video story. After a few technology issues when Moviemaker was not compatible with the photographs we had taken we had to change our plan.

We introduced the students to Photoshop and taught them a few of the major functions in editing a photograph. They had a bit of time to experiment with it themselves and see how they could mutilate the original images they had taken. We managed to get Moviemaker to work and started editing the video whilst teaching them Movie Maker basics.


We called it a night a said we would return to it the next day when we had a clear mind. Often little things like that need you to stand back for a bit for you to be able to realize the issue is something quite easily fixed.

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