Getting up early for the safari was pretty exciting until the bus was late (surprisingly) but we got there in the end. Seeing the herd of elephants was definitely the highlight of the first part of my day, as we managed to get up close to see them with their young.

From probably the best day of the trip things changed with the news of the oil leak. As always we kept our spirits high and made light of the situation. Having been discussing how to defend ourselves under lion attack, when the van that was passing offered to tow us back to the gate I think I’m right in saying we were relieved. |f it hadn’t been for the late exit from the mara we wouldn’t have seen the two male lions which was another highlight of the day.


Continuing to keep our spirits high we played cards until Peter told us we would be staying at the camp. Arriving in the dark we hadn’t seen the tents and expected the worst, especially as the only facilities we had seen were the loos (holes in the ground) which were filled with cockroaches. However being taken to our tents was the third highlight of the day as we realised we were glamping! Squeals of excitement filled our tent until we realised how tired we were from the day’s ups and downs and fell asleep.

So many positives came from the breakdown. Some of us lived the dream in the luxury jeep with the honeymooners, we got to see some more hippos, we saw the male lions for the first time and experienced a night on the Mara glamping which meant we were there also for the beautiful sunrise.

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