Travelling to Rongo

Yesterday we left base in Nairobi and travelled to a small private school in the rural village Londiani. The long coach journey meant that we got to see a lot more of rural Kenya which was a big change. The living conditions were a lot poorer with fallen down shacks and people selling on the side of roads. It was strange to see all the adverts painted on buildings and how each ‘shanty’ village had shacks for bars, hairdressers, butchers etc. I was also suprised to see how many people fitted on motorbikes… there were 5 on one! On the way we also stopped at Riff Valley view point which was a beautiful landscape.

When we arrived at the school they greeted us with singing which was really nice and a bit moving to see how grateful they were to have us there. We had lunch in a tiny room which was delicious. The school was really small considering the amount of pupils, they only had two toliets which were holes in the ground and the kids had to share bunkbeds between 4. All the pupils were fascinated by us and kept stroking us and asking us to sing and dance which was a bit overwhelming but cute. When the headmaster said that the kids board for 14 weeks then have 4 days off to see their families it made me sad as some of them were as young as 3 but I guess they are from a different culture and that is a sacrifice they make for a good education. We did a few interviews at the school and we are going to make them a video promoting how massively the school would benefit from money to get electricity and finish off building the well that they couldn’t afford to finish.

After we were finished at the school we travelled to University of Rongo and were greeted with a really nice meal. It was a long day of travelling (on very bumpy roads) but driving through the villiages was eye opening and the school visit made it more than worthwhile!

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