First day of workshops with University College Rongo

Today we began the workshops with University of Rongo. When we got there we were greeted by speeches from the principle, deans and professors. After this we split off into groups. Me and Sarah we designated the photography group and had 3 students.

The students were very quiet so myself and Sarah tried our best to be enthusiastic and friendly in hope of engaging them. We brainstormed ideas and our group decided that they wanted to focus on food and family. This was a difficult situation for us as we thought that this idea couldn’t be protrayed photographically due to our location and time span also we felt that this wasn’t a pressing issue that needs awareness raised around it. We spoke to Peter and Willice and they told us that we needed to explain this to them in a clear and sensitive way. Once we explained this to our group they understood and didn’t have a problen with it which was great.

After some more brainstorming the group decided to focus on health and poverty. We listed the main issues and decided that a story slide show would be an effective format to exhibit them in. We incorporated a format in which they can learn portrait and documentary photography.

We taught them framing, angles, how to use a tripod and narrow depth of field. At first this was difficult as they had no prior experience but once we handed them the cameras they picked it up really quick. I think this brought them out of their shell as they photographed and it caused a bit of a stir especially with the young children. Peter pointed out despite it being inappropriate we were doing it for a good cause and that this is an ethical issue of the media.
Today we had a meeting the deputy governor. I found it difficult to hear what was being said as I was sat at the back and there were lots of other noise but the response of the DP to our work was positive! Once we got back we polished off our video as a group. We decided that statistics would make the message we are conveying more powerful and showed the video to Peter who made a few suggestions for improvement. The group seemed happy with the finished video although they weren’t as enthusiastic as Nairobi students. I think that the video is visually engaging and raises awareness about health and poverty yet I can’t help but a bit negative about it due to the nature of the visit.

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