Migori Governors Meeting

After leaving the hostel an hour later than scheduled once again we arrived to have breakfast an hour late and thus, surprise surprise, we left and hour late for hour meeting with the governor. The fact that we had already been running behind schedule did not seem to bother Jerry in the slightest as he attended two more last minute meetings as we waited in the bus. By that time it was nearly 11 and we were meant to have been at the governors office by ten with still an hours travel to go. Once we arrived at the governors office CM4K waited outside his office along side the Rongo students only to be told 20 minutes later that the Governor was in Nairobi. Whilst this all seemed very unorganised, a last minute meeting with the deputy governor was still arranged and our group of around 30 students and 5+ lectures headed to his office. The meeting was interesting however as you could see the pride in the members of Migori council had about their area. After the talk started by a funny professor, encouraging us Muzongo ladies to get married to a handsome Kenyan like him, various members of both their party and ours continued promoting their ideas. Once the meeting had finished we returned for lunch and then finally to start the editing process, the actual reason we are here. The editing process worked out better than expected as Rod, the good soul, put everything in order during our waiting period in the morning. We finished the rough cut as dinner was ready but thus had to continue the editing the next day. Today Kenyan pride was reinforced, as were issues in their local community like their lack of resources to communicate these issues and also the fact that timing and organisation are not a Kenyan forte.

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